OT: Lost job? Need help? NANOG Recruiting BOF!

Hey, folks.

It's pretty much a fact of life that layoffs are evident. They've happened
to a lot of us already, as I know from talking to many people on this list
and elsewhere. The market's terrible, and I know that there are a lot of
people surfing through job sites not really finding anything. Those of you
that are in this boat like I am, it might make more sense to network
with each other - as a result, i'd like to start a recruiting BOF for
people in the NANOG circle.

I'd like to suggest as a starting point that interested parties looking for
a job send mail to me privately with a brief overview of your qualifications
and a link to a place for your resume. I'll create a webpage and mailing
list with this information before the holidays, and i'll send a summary to
nanog containing the relevant information for both employers and candidates.

Please also include what type of job/ideal function you'd like to be in,
and your key area of expertise.

If you're an employer needing to be connected with candidates, or you know of
any recruiting firms or friends in that business who are having trouble finding
qualified network engineering, operations, or design staff with the flood
of people in the marketplace, please also send me mail so I can add that
information to the list.



This is a very good idea Timothy. As part of the Excite@Home RIF, myself
and all others in the Toronto Network Operations Center found ourselves
without a position last friday. Any and all help would be appreciated in
finding myself in a new position quickly. I would really hate to loose the
knowledge I gained over the past year on the grave shift.

My info will be sent to you shortly.


Hi again, folks - I have some clarifications to make and I wanted to post
my summary.

First and foremost, i'd like to make an apology to those who misinterpreted
this post. I have no intention of making this any kind of a formal BOF
proposition to the program committee, and no desire for NANOG meetings
to turn into recruiting events.

Secondly, this group i've created has no official affiliation with

Third and finally, the BOF is really just a network to share leads. We
all know how hard it is to find positions today, so we're focusing on that.
I got a lot of responses - some have been searching for jobs in excess of
six months. It's pretty miserable, and I agree with other posters that it
indicates at least something of an operational issue, since I know at least
some of us have had to deal with RIFs at people we buy transit or services
from, thus making it much harder to get problems resolved and fixed (or
even to get installations pulled off).

I've created a Yahoo! group for this purpose, at:


Several leads have already been posted. I invite you to become a member
through the web interface, or by sending mail to me, if you're interested
in helping. This will be my last post to nanog on the issue - there will
be no further reminders that this group exists.

I'll offer additional services, or at the very least a redirector, at
the nanog-jobs site as we expand. There's already a database there of
leads, and other information.

Thanks for all the great responses and votes of support. I'll post more
to the nanog-jobs mailing list with some more detail.