[OT] Looking for dhs / fbi contact

obviously off list, but who are we kidding :wink:

Uh, which? They’re unrelated agencies with completely different remits.


Thanks for the off list reply. Oh, wait..
I was casting a wide net to fend off the "you got something?"ers but
without addressing your question my query stands


have you tried calling the local FBI office? I’ve had good luck with this when someone was sending me death threats and wanted them to have some good leads if something happened to me.

You know where to find me if you want to ask questions off-list.

Also, DHS is a sprawling agency, so depending on what you are looking for, you need to be a bit more specific, there are certain crimes that fall under the ICE/CBP side of the house vs USSS which depending on the nature of interagency cooperation is the lead for financial crimes. (Long history of why, but this is why counterfeit bills are USSS vs FBI).

I doubt this helps, but there’s also NCFTA which you can contact as well.

- Jared

They are in the phone book. Call them. Or walk into a field office near you.

Don't bother nanog with such a generic / teasing question, its incredibly annoying. No one is going to provide you with a contact of any seriousness with such a generic query.