OT: looking for a contact at US .mil

I realize some may believe this is not of a very high priority, but I
believe it is important. I apologize for going off-topic.

There seems to be a network misconfiguration over at .mil which our
intrusion detection systems caught. We are getting SNMP requests from
them (their network is and ours is I
suppose somebody probably typed a 7 where they should have typed an 8).

I've done quite a bit to try and contact somebody over there - I even
got somebody to talk to me on the phone in 4 distinct occasions and
considering their whois information is outdated to the extreme - I am
pretty proud.

Yet the traffic continues.

It doesn't really bother our network, but hey, this ain't right.

I tried contacting them through some private contact as well.. but I
figure that somebody over there who *cares* probably should see this
raised flag.

I appreciate your help,

  Gadi Evron.

Send back some interesting answers. :slight_smile: That might get their attention.