OT: Level 3 Secrets to Contact? Very OT! Please Ignore!

Does anyone know the secret to contacting a dark fiber salesperson
at Level 3? The website directs a prospect to their toll free number
1-877-2LEVEL3 but the voicemail decision tree has some very dead

It's not always easy to convey one's frustration in email. But the
mugshot in this story seems to capture my general disposition:


Just hoping to get some quick answers to easy questions so I'll
be on my way to feeling like this:


...but if the wait goes on much longer, I'll be left in this state:



PS hope the employee-owners over there have a sense of humor....their
contact apparatus is costing them money...is my guess.

PPS You'd be surprised how many images there are of Warren Buffet
on the web. And come to think of it, why should that rich (*&%$#$ ever
have a grumpy look on his face?! The man should be walking around with
smile that makes his ears itch.