[OT?!?] Good Chinese network peerings and/or Chinese ISPs?!?

I apologize if this is not the right forum, but I am grasping at straws, already.

I have done thorough (latency) analysis, from various sites and/or providers in China (CNC group, Beijing BII group, Sprintlink Asia Pacific, China United Telecom, Sturhub PTE, Chinanet backone, Sichuan Electric Power <something-or-other>, China Netcom, etc.), and I cannot find anything that would resolve the problem of immense RTT to Europe and USA, compared to any other parts of the world.

I fully understand issues revealed here:


in conjunction (perhaps proxy-induced latency ?!?) with these:


... but I am just asking if anyone has recommendations of good Internet connectivity from mainland China, to the outside world (perhaps "hoping" through other Asian providers, etc.?!?) ... any other ideas?!?