(OT) Firearms Was: UN declares Internet access a "human right"

Don't leave the house without my Glock 23 on my side. Truck always has a
loaded 12ga in it. In the house, I've got a handful of pistols and my
SR-556 (AR-15) in the "Guns and servers" closet.
I've had people call me Paranoid more then once. My stance is "Better to
have it and not need it, Then need it and not have it."
By banning guns from a community, Your only taking them out of the hands of
law abiding citizens. Not like most criminals get guns via legal channels
in the first place.

-Nick Olsen

nothing like 40 short and wimpy! Might I interest you in a 45? :slight_smile:

Agree 110% - wish Canada had similar laws as the USA does... way too
restrictive here. The folks that are legal get thrown in jail much faster
than the guys who break into your house in the first place.



Just don't end up like this guy. He's a personal hero of mine. We've
all wanted to do this before but he had the liquid courage to do it
and yet another reason to own a 45 :wink: