OT: Determining toll free # ownership

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:


I know this is somewhat off topic, but I am hoping someone here has previously dealt with this problem and has an answer.

For some reason, the access telephone number for our "internal use only" dial-up modem pool -- which also happens to connect to our fax server -- has gotten on several fax spammers telephone list as being a fax telephone number. We have captured several dozen faxes sent through that number over the past few days, and they all have 'enter your number here to delete' toll free numbers on them and we would like to find out the telco that owns those blocks of 800# so we can complain.

I have heard that there is a number that you can call, enter a telephone number -- such as the toll free number we want to complain about -- and it will tell you the telco that owns that phone number. Does anyone know what that number is?

Knowing the RespOrg will do you little good by itself.

Your better bet is to sue the fax spammer. Google on "Robert
Braver" or "junk fax" for help. It's likely "fax.com" and
you can read about FTC action against its owner.

A shorter-window solution is to move the fax to a new number.
Let the spammers wear themselves out trying to send faxes to
a V90 pool.

'For some reason' ... junkfaxers 'war dial' looking for fax tones. That is how one
of my totally unlisted and never distributed fax number got picked up. Since
I use that number only for outgoing paper faxes, the fix was easy. I turned
off auto-answer.