OT: converting 100MB to OC-3 POS


Can anyone help me convert a 100MB Ethernet interface to an OC-3 POS
interface in a small cheap box ?


Depends on what you mean by cheap? Ethernet<->POS isn't a conversion per
say, but it could be switched or routed. The more expensive part will
probably be the POS interface. An RS 1000 would work. Maybe a 7300 also,
but it would cost twice as much I think.



If it's an interior application, and you are open to alternatives to POS, you could use a cheap enterprise switch with an ATM uplink and do RFC1483 bridging. It used to be the case that a cisco 2900XL with a single OC3 ATM card was way cheaper than the cheapest cisco router that could do OC3/POS. The 2900XL supported either SDH or SONET framing, if your application involves a synchronous optical network and not just dark fibre. You don't need an ATM switch (you can back-to-back the UNI speakers across the SONET/SDH network).

Note also that "cheap" in "cheap enterprise switch" is relative and, for the record, ATM is evil.


I used to help design these products and I veified them