[OT] common list sense (Re: Even you can be hacked)

Paul Jamka [PJ] wrote:

I’m on the list folks, if you send it to the list I’ll get it. I don’t need a copy to the list and Cc:'s until the end of time.

Then set a Reply-To. Pretty simple.

In case no one else bothered to point this out:

Not everyone who posts to NANOG reads nanog via email.

For example, I read it via the web archive.

For those like us, any presumption about replies to the list being read by us, would be incorrect.

And since no one necessarily knows the current subscription status of everyone else, it actually makes sense to copy both the sender and the list.

As Randy [Bush, of course] points out, if you don’t like duplicate mail, you are free to use some kind of filter.

(Please don’t bother replying. I am just attempting to get in the last blow before the equine perishes.)