[OT]call for backers: open source hardware for networking innovation (ONetSwitch)

Sorry for a little bit off topic.

This email is to inform you a new open source hardware for networking innovation called ONetSwitch. It is an all-programmable networking platform combining ARM and FPGA in a 17cm*13cm area (notebook size) for testing and verifying research idea related to networking. Different from previous FPGA develop board like NetFPGA/Xilinx PCIe board, host PC is not required any more for ONetSwitch, and it is smaller, cheaper, and more power efficient. and more flexible.

We have launched the ONetSwitch project on Kickstarter.com weeks ago. You can get an abstract from the short video, which will not take you long to get our idea :slight_smile:


We had a paper at ONS 2014 presenting the preliminary design of ONetSwitch (https://www.usenix.org/system/files/conference/ons2014/ons2014-paper-hu_chengchen.pdf) and a demo at SIGCOMM'14 setting a data center testbed on only desktop using ONetSwitch (http://nskeylab.xjtu.edu.cn/people/huc/Pub/DesktopDC_2014.pdf). In the new version now at kickstarter, we add further physical support on 802.11 AC, mSATA, which suits for more scenarios. Also, we have open source ref. design and supporting wiki available at github (https://github.com/MeshSr/wiki/wiki/REF-OpenFlowSwitch-HWFT). The processing logic can be modified in both software (ARM) and hardware (FPGA) to fit your own needs. Although it is currently highlighted mainly on SDN and DCN, we aim to provide the research community a way to set their testbeds for any networking innovations easily.

I send the info. about ONetSwitch to this mail list since I think it may be useful to guys in this community. Please do us a favor and back us to get your own programmable testbed. We believe ONetSwitch would give much help to your research and development work. Also, can you help distribute it to friends and colleagues who will be interested with this? Even for the guys, who do not need ONetSwitch but think it is good, we greatly appreciate you to back us with $1 for encouraging.



The kickstarter project is going to be expired in about 2 days. The price will go up a bit after the kickstarter promotion. One board now is $699 (which will go up to over $1000), and we also have sets of 1299 for two boards, 2599 for four boards, and 3899 for 6 boards.

We still has gap to make the kickstarter project success, so if you'd like to buy some boards, we appreciate you to back now at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onetswitch/onetswitch-open-source-hardware-for-networking

Thanks and regards,