OT but funny: shades of gallery.colofinder.net

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 15:22:51 -0400
From: "William Herrin" <herrin-nanog@dirtside.com>

> Not to pick on the Democrats unduly - they just went first in terms of
> giving us crummy cabling as a metaphor for crummy government;
> Dem Convention Techiest Event in Party's History | WIRED


One makes difference choices when it only has to last 7 days. Here's
what it looks like at DNC headquarters in DC where it has to last from
year to year:


When you build a network for a week, it's just not a good investment in
time to be too neat. After all, in a week, it is all gone.

Fun is networking a large show where the network is in a big, transparent
room at the center of everything with lots of press taking pictures. Thee
you have to build fast, debug fast, tear down really fast, and have
everything look pretty.

At Supercomputing every fall the net work has external connections of
about 20 OC-192s and probably over 150 fiber links handled by a variety
of different routers and switches all of which the NOC staff has to be
able to work with.

Last time I did SC was 2005 in Seattle. Pics at
https://scinet.supercomp.org/gallery2/v/SC2005_Seattle/Mitch_Kutzko/ Look
at the Tuesday November 15th page for pictures of the NOC. No single
picture can really show the whole thing. A few are less than tidy...I
guess Jim R. was not watching closely enough. I'll admit that most don't
look quite as good as the DNC, but they were built rather more quickly
and all by volunteers, albeit mostly seriously over-qualified ones.

I retired from SCinet after 2005, but I miss if every November and I'd
love to be in Austin this November to help build it again.