OT: BdNOG announces website blocks


* surfer@mauigateway.com (Scott Weeks) [Tue 01 Dec 2015, 19:40 CET]:

"Those who are using them are using a bandwidth with
a specific capacity. They won't be able to do that
much longer. Because this bandwidth's capacity is low."

"The second bandwidth's speed is far lower than normal.
Saboteurs can't communicate and organise attacks fast
enough using that bandwidth. It's very easy to track
(anyone's internet activity) if the speed is low.""

wtf does that even mean?

Using a VPN means all your content will be served from its endpoint and has to be trucked across country borders, possibly from another continent, rather than being served over local peering, which would likely have had better throughput.

  -- Niels.

I think that means they'd like to use deep packet inspection equipment for the whole country. But they don't have the budget for equipment with such capabilities so they want to limit bandwidth usage by cutting off access to some popular services.

Maybe I got it all wrong; That article is very confusing.