OT: ATT Broadband Exec

I'm having a particularly bad time with dispatch/install for ATT broadband
in the GA region. Does anyone have any email-phone numbers of an
exec/helpful person for that region? Steven White?


Ha Ha Ha!

That's the best laugh I've had all day. (I live in the Atlanta "Super-Headend"

AT&T's own people will tell you that there is no way for them to reach the
dispatch division. I would have to guess that the AT&T install/dispatch
division is the farthest thing from communications capable. (think: 2 paper
cups and string)

Heck, a month ago I finally got an AT&T installer to RE-connect my cable that
another installer screwed up 6 days prior. That installer himself couldn't
reach his *own* dispatch operator. Prior to that ...., oh jeeze there isn't
enough time to document all my past problems.

It is very apparent that AT&T Broadband is spending all of their money on, fake
looking "Audit Team" magnetic signs for ALL of their service vehicles, and
mind-numbing on-hold messages describing how much better things are that they
now have separate phone numbers for sales, service, installs, and HSD, as well
as online help at
.... note there is no need to preface the word help with the letters: W_W_W
when typing

     <#@&+#@! I still hear it in my sleep. Please God, make it stop!>
Btw, with the competence their managers have shown so far, it is apparent that
"Audit" and "Team" are two of the farthest words from the AT&T Broadband

Pardon my rant, I wish you well, but I wouldn't bet on your success anytime

-Jim P.