OT: 2-post rack security covers

Somewhere I've seen what amounts to a concave cover that you can mount over the face of gear racked in a 2-post. The cover I saw had a bracket that mounted to the 2-post before any equipment was installed and it had a couple knobs sticking out (basically consuming a U on each end). Then you racked up the equipment through the holes in the bracket you mounted earlier. Finally the cover (which sticks out about 6") slips over the front of all the gear, down onto the knobs and locks in place with a mechanism that grasps the metal knobs. I've also seen ones that don't lock. The point of this is to provide additional security in a cageless co-lo environment like what you'd find in most COs providing RLEC services as well as prevent accidental damage to the cabling on the front of equipment.

Does anyone have a specific name for what I'm talking about? Vendor or product reference? I've looked through all my catalogs and can't find what I'm looking for. I'd like to think that no one would mess with out wiring or devices in those COs but of course I can't guarantee that. The damage someone could do to our cross-connects in a few seconds time is something I'd like to avoid. A SFP or GBIC can be stolen quickly too with minimal effort. No sense in tempting people if it can be helped.