Original peering policies (com-priv archives?)

Has anyone kept an archive of the various peering policies different
providers had over the years?

For example, Sean Doran published Sprint's peering policy on COM-PRIV
a number of years ago. And I believe the original peering policy on
the CIX router included an "AUP-Free" clause, that no provider would
impose an acceptable use policy on traffic between the providers. Or
how could I forget ANS's original CO+RE settlment plan (i.e. everyone
pays ANS). But I'm just going from memory, and some of those brain cells
aren't as young as they were.

I'm interested in seeing a timeline and evolution of policies over the
last 10 years. I know some have changed.

I've a small collection that I'd love to augment. The ones not still NDA'd
I can prolly post.


I would suggest a page on nanog.org, like the route filter policy page. This
one could have links to all known and published (non-NDA) peering policies.
Historical policies would be very interesting as well.

- Daniel Golding