Order of ASes in the BGP Path

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from time to time people say 'but the rfc says...'. but theres a big
place for precedent and common practice too.

True... but the latest BGP draft series attempts to address BCP and updates
on 1771. Typically, the answers sought in light of current BGP practices
can be found in the draft.

Does anyone know anything about supposed bellsouth.net outages in Southeast Florida and what it affects? I can't bring up the local link on PPPoE and they're not wanting to test or anything because of outages. I'm sending PADI active discovery initiates and getting no response. Usually when this happens, about yearly, they just come out and reset or replace a card in a Mini-Ram/Dslam right down the street.

If by Southeast FL, you mean the Miami area, Bell does have many remote terminal outages. They seem to have gotten dial tone restored in areas where DSL has not and apparently won't be for some time.

If you're an ISP with DSL customers on BellSouth DSLAM provided DSL, you should be able to check on this by calling the DSG.

Incidentally, I found yesterday that the DSG's toll free number is not reachable from Gainesville, FL. Initially, I thought it might be a problem with the PRI our office phone system uses, but I found my home phone could not get through either...(2 rings, then all circuits busy). My Cingular wireless phone (with a Gainesville local number) can get through, and utilizing our VOIP network, if I force the call to go out through a PRI in a city other than Gainesville, it also goes through.