Optics and Fibres Supplier in the US

Hi Nanog list,

I am looking for a reliable supplier for optics and fibres in the US. A supplier close to NYC is preferable but optional.

The concrete urgent needs are:
* SFP+ DWDM optics
** 1x CH44, 1x CH45, compatible with DELL F10
** 1x CH44, 1x CH45, compatible with Alcatel-Lucent

* LC-LC patch cable
** 2x 2m
** 2x 3m
** 2x 5m

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi Thomas,
just go with Flexoptix next day delivery :wink:
Otherwise I can recommend Jeary from Myriad Supply. He is based in
NYC. Phone 866-725-1025

Best regards,

+1 Flexoptics, Next day deliver, USB programmer makes the SFP any vendor you want.

Graybar for fiber jumpers, next day counter pick up if they don’t have them in stock.