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Hopefully this is the right place to post this question. I’m a routing guy mainly working with ISIS/BGP for my company in our core space. I have an opportunity to get involve with our L2 DWDM network. We are a Cisco shop using NCS2K as DWDM nodes. But before jump into learning the NCS specific stuff, I would like to take a vendor neutral training course in Optical fiber testing with OSA/OTDR, OTN, DWDM signaling, OSNR/dispersion…etc. I think this will help me understand how to build out a DWDM network from ground up. I’m hoping someone I could get into designing network for my company.

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Sorry… forgot to mention that I’m looking for recommendation of training courses in this particular area.


FiberU (https://fiberu.org) has a lot of decent free training materials. Their emphasis is on physical installation, but they do cover DWDM, Bi-Di, and related physics in some of their videos. If you’re looking for DWDM design and provisioning, you’ll probably have to pay for vendor-specific courses.

Here’s the FiberU syllabus that covers optical fiber testing along with DWDM and OTDR.



Are there really even any significant (i.e. usefully deployed) vendor-neutral mechanisms for DWDM provisioning? All the systems I know of are either vendor-specific or essentially manual.

I know there was an effort to generalize the MPLS control plane to this sort of thing (GMPLS), but I'm of the impression that it didn't really take off.

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I held an OSP Engineer and Design certificate from the below trainers. Excellent training and it’s hands on.

Light Brigade Fiber Optic Training

Light Brigade Fiber Optic Training

Fiber Optic Training - Light Brigade offers fiber optic training, certification and online courses.


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Thank you everyone for your input. Certainly will look into the links provided.