Opinions on transit

If anyone with a web hosting provider's perspective, or
even just an end user's perspective, could send me
off-list opinions on AT&T, MCI, XO, NTT and Sprint I'd
appreciate it. Direct experience would be best, don't
really want hearsay. I'm particularly interested in
how the various companies NOC's respond to less run of
the mill problems such as issues with other customers
of theirs having problems that affect you, BGP
communities and traffic engineering questions/answers
and then just plain performance, etc.

We've recently experienced problems where us and a mutual
customer of one of our transit providers couldn't talk
to each other due to a failing link on the other customer's
side. That remote company is multi-homed so I just needed
to make them not prefer our common transit to get to us
side. The transit provider does not allow me to prepend just
to that remote AS, accolades to providers that do offer
this, so our only option to resolve the problem was to
turn our link to this transit off, leave our customers
behind the remote ISP unable to get to us, or get the
transit provider to help. Well, provider was useless
and told me to call their German NOC since the country
where the problem was is handled through there. So,
we're going to replace them with one of the above and I
want some real world feedback to go along with the providers'
versions of how they perform and respond to support