Operational Issues with

> I think we can all agree that whoever's responsibility it is, the
> current system is broken. You can't actually count on people to read
> this list.

Absolutely right!
And all of this discussion that you have sparked on the list will actually
help solve the problem. Unfortunately it ain't gonna happen fast. That's
why I would like to see some work done on a general solution to the
problem because that will get us a lot more benefit from the effort

As a network operator, I don't see any tye of real-time feed for
RIR allocations to be useful, esp. not via BGP.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this picked up in the Cook Report and some
of the trade press because of your postings. The more people become aware
of how the system is broken, the sooner we can fix it.

People actually read that?

> Maybe if IANA and ARIN and the other organizations that are
> supposed to work together to make all this stuff work weren't so busy
> trying to pass the buck, someone might have time to figure something
> out...

There are more than a few people in ARIN et al. and most of them really do
care about finding solutions to these issues. But the Internet is no
longer an old boys club which means that there has to be a certain amount
of public discussion and process before decisions are made and action is
taken. Sadly, this problem could have been predicted but there are too few
people willing to think about what we are doing and do some forward
planning. ARIN and other membership organizations are only as good as the
members themselves. When the members of an organization are apathetic,
then the organization doesn't do much more than the same old thing.

-- Michael Dillon

Hi! What is the problem you are seeking to solve?
I thought the problem was that:
1) Folks like to filter IANA-RESERVED space
2) Apparently some entities out there haven't updated their filters
in aeons.

A simple solution:
1) IANA creates an IANA-RESERVED IRR object
2) Entities switch to using this for their filters, and the
updates happen automagically

(Didn't someone already suggest this many many messages ago?)

Sean Donelan, May 14 1998 (three employers ago, so this should not be
taken as representing the official position any of my past, present or
future employers)