Operational issues: AS10297 leaking routes

AS10297 is leaking routes to sprint from AS7018/6478/...

Sprint has been alerted. No answer at the NOC phones for AS10297.

Dave Rand
+1 408 254-7111

These guys are also known as another name besides the Columbus NAP, Inc.
(nice name huh..). Try the contact info for ee.net or try 800-554-6269.

Todd R. Strou
Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.

My guess is that they don't have either. :slight_smile:

*> 70 0 1239 10297 ?

Todd R. Stroup
Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.

We've actually had people call and ask if any major providers connect to
Columbus NAP. Funny world.


Somewhat misleading don't you think.. Last time I looked they had
purchased DS1 circuits from UUnet, Sprint, and Digex. And I think ATT and
maybe BBN were on the list too. They have gotten some bad press from
their "NAP" name. I think its a just a dog and pony show to mislead the
unknowledgable or new clients to the Internet. Its a shame the Internet
has come down to this level.

We have started a layer two project based on ATM here in Columbus but
haven't started the marketing yet. (Plug) :slight_smile:

Todd R. Stroup
Fiber Network Solutions, Inc.