Operational Content only please.

Just a few off the top of my head:
1) Physical risk to facilities
  This is a nightmare, most of our facilities *suck*.
  Run an intrusion scenario against anything but the
  absolute primo colo facilities and you walk right
  in the door, and the primo ones are vulnerable to
  mild levels of professional active threat (rocket,
  bomb, wall breach, etc). There is too much money
  in some of those buildings to treat this as lazily
  as we do now.

2) Assured physically separate routing links
  The current situation is unacceptable. We need to know
  where our circuits physically go, and when that changes,
  and have real options for physical routing.

3) Disaster recovery plans for facilities dropped into a hole in the ground
  My current contract had just deferred a major expansion
  on this issue. They're in a building clearly identifyable
  on the San Francisco skyline. I expect this to be a major
  reassessment starting tomorrow. You, too...

4) Echelon / snooping / crypto privacy issues
  What sorts of likely issues will we see if there is
  enhanced government monitoring mandated as a result
  of this?

5) Services provider load-handling
  I was chatting with someone at cnn.com throughout the morning.
  They had to roll literally dozens and dozens of additional
  servers into service when the hits started rolling in after
  the incident was reported first. It looks like everyone was
  able to hold on in both the network and the source provider
  side... but this needs a careful look for lessons learned.

-george william herbert

Thought about this A LOT last night. Disaster Recovery is huge, complicated,
and expensive. Disaster Recovery Plans are well worth the rather large
amount of work that goes into them(I understand I am stating the obvious on
the both counts). While my company offers these types of services, in as
realtime as we can get, not too many people actually bother. Which, in
my opinion, is a rather huge mistake. (Just data replication on a large
scale, in near realtime, without running truckloads of DLTs back and forth, is
VERY expensive)

I'll be very interested to see what kind of 'new' companies crawl out of the
woodwork to take advantage of this.(See prior thread on gas prices) And, needless to say, if you don't have a DR plan, I'd highly recommend that you start
writing one, I can almost guarantee your management will be asking where it is.