Opensource SNMP Trap Receivers ???

We are retiring a legacy SNMP system and are looking for a simple, opensource SNMP trap receiver/alerting system. We aren't looking for a full SNMP system, just something that will receive snmp traps and email/alert based on them.

1) Looking for something off the shelf, not a development project
2) Opensource or low cost
3) SNMP MIB compiler

Any suggestions?


Sadly, open source + SNMP traps != simple.

The simplest option that I've personally used in the past is SNMPTT with

The main problem is that SNMP traps, like most of SNMP, aren't simple
despite the name. Having said that it can be done especially if the gear
doesn't change too often.

Scott Helms

Oh hell yes, there isn’t anything simple about SNMP. A number of people have very quickly suggested SNMPTT, which is the sort of product I was looking for. My google foo had failed me. Thanks.



 snmptt is not that hard once you get used to it\.

 snmpttconvert takes care of most cases\.\.\. Then the rest is all about scripting\.

 We're using it on Port Up/Down & BGP Session state change\.

As for an Open NMS ... That's another story.

 Good luck\.

 PS: We're using a tweaked version of Cacti 0\.8\.8x with Threshold and adding a sFlow Weatrhermap soon, with only \~200 devices \(over 5000 ports\) but all the ports are mapped, monitored for traffic, errors and pps,  Sites,  Peers and Customers are also documented and we're using it for our billing purposes \(95th\)\.

People often brag that snmp is super easy. You soon find out that it's not always the case. Some vendors do it better than others.

Whataver the tool you will use, it's important to keep in mind to start small.

My biggest advice is to start with 1 small example. One that is needed for you now.

Like I want to know when 1 power supply fails. You unplug your secondary power supply and test. You will figure it out.

Then you add another example like fan fails. Temperature alert.

Gradually you will add more interesting stuff like bgp/ospf lost neighbor. Maybe some bfd traps.

Really start small and slowly add 1 or 2 traps at a time. Only add traps that are important.

Snmp is really powerful but you can easily get lost in all those details.


We use syslog-ng to catch the traps and then use Simple Event



We are also developing Check_MK, which is an add on for Nagios.