Open WiFi Access Point BCP's???

Anyone have any recommendations for BCPs or software suggestions on running an open community-based access point (or network)?

Think: an urban area where potentially lots of people could be popping on and off with little authentication. These seem to be pretty prevalent around Panera's and other things -- I just don't know what they are doing to manage (rather that prevent) P2P and Spam, etc uses.

Pointers very appreciated!!



MAAWG BCPs on walled gardens (probably coming soon if not already out
there). Quite a few ISPs - Bell Canada for example - are already
doing this on a large scale.

As these coffee shop APs are usually running off a standard DSL line -
its not muni wifi as such - a walled garden should nail abuse very
fast, and encourage sensible firewalling on the part of the coffee
shop owner .. or he'll find that a NAT'ted IP with multiple infected
laptops coming and going out of it might be in and out of a walled
garden all the time.

There's some vendors who concentrate on walled garden stuff - Perftech
( for example. Arbor and Sandvine too have kit that
can be used for this, I believe .. of course, at the edge of an ISP's
DSL network.


I'd look at Mikrotik. There's a listserv at and a web forum at