open relays at Earthlink

Bill Becker wrote:

> ISPs sell customers a TCP/IP connection to the Internet. To me that means
> taking my IP datagrams and delivering them to where I address them. I
> don't see that filtering of outbound traffic is part of such a product,

Fair enough.

Depends on the ISP.

We not NOT offer total IP access on our dialup accounts. We reserve the
right to restrict and filter any IP packets that do not conform with the
services we offer. These include:

1. IP packets addressed with a source address other than the address
    assigned to the dialup connection

2. IP packets addressed to a known LAN broadcast address

3. IP packets addressed to multicast addresses

4. IP packets addressed to private addresses other than those we offer
    to our customers

5. IP packets targeted to deny or disrupt service to us or anyone else

6. IP packets transmitted for the purpose of committing a crime or to
    otherwise gain illegal entry or access

7. IP packets addressed to port 25 of any SMTP other than the SMTP
    servers we offer.

8. IP packets received from services known to cause harm, or support the
    causing of harm, to our services and to our customers.

We also reserve the right to withdraw any other services at any time, and
without notification to customers that have not notified us that they are
using that service, where such withdrawal of service is in the best interests
of our total overall service offering.