Open Proxy list / DR discussion list.

Hey guys

Either I'm clean out of google-foo, or there's little or nothing out
there to be found, to help me with my current two projects.

- Is anyone maintaing a real-time list of known open web-proxies? I
run a small network hosting several forum sites, and I want to build
something I can query regularly (say, hourly or daily) that will let
me string something together in perl to build access-lists to throttle
or block them altogether at our border.

- Is there a good, practical discussion list for disaster recovery
practicioners to discuss techniques, theory, news?

Hoping someone can help, I remain obliged to you all,

There are some dnsbls you could use (cbl, sorbs, opm, etc.). You could
have your code query them, or even try using mod_dnsbl.

If you want to have your own list, you could write something to extract
a list from the dnsbl zone files, assuming you can get AXFR / rsync