Does anybody have anymore information about the possible upcoming DDoS
attack (called Op USA) from the Mauritania HaCker Team besides the
information listed below on May 7th? Any suggestions on preventing or
deflecting this type of attack and exactly what US companies or industries
they might be targeting?


After Op Israel , Mauritania Attacker founder of Mauritania HaCker Team ,
Ex Member in ZHC , Founder of Teamr00t and AnonGhost Team has decided to
Launch another Op wich he called "Op Usa" also same day like Op Israel but
the next month 07/05/2013.
He said that The Op Usa there will be more damage than Op Israel !

end of net predicted. news at eleven.

Absolutely hilarious... except I work for a medium size MSP and have financial and utility customers that have concerns about this.

This should be a forum for knowledge gathering from other American network engineer peers. Hence why I posed the question about an upcoming DDoS against American industries.

If anybody has more information, please share as any insight you might have on this topic.

Best Current Practices for targets appear to be:

1) Nag your upstreams to
a) support RFC4778's automated source filtering
b) setup an emergency filter for critical packet flows, deny the rest
2) Start detecting and feeding unwanted packets into (1a)
3) Plan what can be distributed out via CDN or other services
4) Run a DDoS fire drill and see what breaks

As attacks will change over time, start working with a security firm to
periodically review, plan, and test your mitigation techniques.

Please critique and enhance,

From Wikipedia:

Ultimately, #OpIsrael caused virtually no damage and was assessed by
the Israeli Government's National Cyber Bureau and by numerous
security experts and journalists to have been a failure.

The last thing I would think anyone would do is tell a person the job they did last time was sub par. Imagine telling a teenager the pipe bomb they built was just not effective enough. As someone who has been on both sides of the fence, I would give you a small bit of advice.. Don't anger it. An angry high school student can be pretty damned resourceful.

Just my two cents.