On the record - debunking technical fallacies


I personally evaluate individual posters with the
following in mind: the more an individual has been
willing to publicly assert things which I know to not
be true, the less credit I give that individual's
opinions with regard to things about which I am not an
expert. The converse is true as well.

Dean has weighed in on topics such as router
architecture and the ubiquitousness of
packet-based-load-balancing in backbone networks, and
been thoroughly wrong. Lots of people demonstrated
his wrongness in these things, so I feel no need to

I have no connection to ISC, and have no personal axe
to grind.

David Barak
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I never said that PPLB is ubiquitous (widely used--for those not so used
to big words). I said that it is possible to see it. And that if you see
it, it will not work with anycast TCP DNS.

Second, the router architecture issue about whether PPLB was possible on
certain routers. It is possible on a great number of routers. But there
are some details I missed.

Please don't put (wrong) words in my mouth, and then say I'm wrong.