On-going Internet Emergency and Domain Names

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Gadi Evron wrote:

Amen. Really.

I'd honestly like more ideas.

What did IETF and ICANN say when you approached them through their

public-comment channels?

The IETF does not deal with registry policy issues.

ICANN, from what I can tell, had this issue (doamin tasting) on their
agenda as a discussion iten in Lisbon last week, but i am unaware of
the discussion outcome.

Having said that, if this particular policy issue can be measured
by ICANN's proclivity with other domain policy issues, I think we're
talking years here. And that's kind of sobering, from a policy

- - ferg

Some of the biggest "domain tasters" aren't too particular about what
they register.. spammer domains or kited domains, it is all grist to
their mill