On consistency and

As one to never let a good academic question go unasked... what is it
about that is or isn't a bogon. This doesn't seem so
straightforward an answer to me, at least in theory. Although in
practice it may already be decided whether one likes the answer or not. was originally assigned to IANA for "protocol assignments"
in IETF RFC 5736, and later added to the list of reserved / special use
addresses in IETF RFC 6890 (aka BCP 153). There is a corresponding
IPv6 block (2001::/23), but it has a significantly different history.

Team Cymru's bogon list includes the v4 prefix. NLNOG's bogon
filtering guide does not. When I asked Job about NLNOG's position he

  "I was unsure what this prefix’s future plans would be and erred on
  the side of caution and didn’t include this prefix in the NLNOG bogon
  list recommendations."

The /24 as specified is not for "global" use, but some of the more
specific assignments are or can be. See:

more specifics have been publicly announced to any significant degree.
This however is not the case for the IPv6 prefix (e.g., the AS112
project, Teredo).

Maybe you'd say the /24 should be filtered, but not the more specifics
that are deemed available for global use. That might be reasonable,
except many reasonable people will filter small prefixes.

IANA's language may have put any "do not filter" camp in a relatively
weak position:

  "Address prefixes listed in the Special-Purpose Address Registry are
  not guaranteed routability in any particular local or global context."

I can't remember hearing anyone complaining about bogon-related
reachability problems with the aggregate IANA prefixes generally. Is
there a strong case to make that ops should not bogon filter any
addresses in these prefixes? At least with IPv4? What about for IPv6?


[10] reserved for IANA IPv4 Special Purpose Address Registry
[RFC5736]. Complete registration details for are found in
[IANA registry iana-ipv4-special-registry].

Was RFC5736 obsoleted? I think not, so I would treat it as bogon.

Its a nice tiny subnet for special purposes. I personaly use it
as my Internal VM Net on my desktop for example.

Was RFC5736 obsoleted?


Its a nice tiny subnet for special purposes. I personaly use it

Are you confusing this with is occasionally
updated with new assignments drawn from it. Just be aware you're
potentially colliding with some other, new use in that range.


No, I am not confusing those two. Actually, Im using as well
here, for server's internal SNAT.

Okey, I checked that registry and there is nothing I care about.
It seems the choice to using internally at desktop
was smart enough :wink:

Thx for info.

Whoops, yes by 6890 was Jakob said.