on a lighter note...

Regarding the NANOG meeting. I am not endorsing their product (or
saying anything against it, for that matter, just neutral), but we do
have two Xircom wireless Ethernet access points. There are for short
distance (may be 30 meters or so in my experience) communication and do
some 1 Mbps with a 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio as some "shared
medium." The radio guts sits on a PCMCIA card. that fits nicely into a
(laptop) PC, and costs a few hundred dollars (not sure about the exact
amount). If there were sufficient interest, we could probably use them
at the meeting place, so don't leave home without your PCMCIA card.
Though I will only install the access points if people ask for it.
Y'know, people who don't always want to depend on cables.

By the way, I would also be interested hearing from people having
experience with other wireless products.