OMB: IPv6 by June 2008

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 21:29:04 -0400
From: Todd Underwood <>

> >where is the service that is available only on IPv6? i can't seem to
> >find it.
> You might ask yourself whether the Kame Turtle is dancing at
> This is a service that is *different* (returns a
> different web page) depending on whether you access it using IPv6 or
> IPv4.

heh. i guess i'll have to live without the dancing turtle, and so
will all the other Internet users. i wonder what other useful content
is not available on the real Internet and only available via ipv6. i
keep asking this question and keep getting non-answers like this.

the rest of fred's comment stands with useful information but i'm
still looking for the tipping point where people migrate, en-masse,
away from the Internet to this new, incompatible network.

You will also have to live without access to the worlds highest
resolution electron microscope located at the Research Center for Ultra
High Voltage Electron Microscopy (UHVEM) in Osaka, Japan. It is a
significant bit of research hardware used by people all over the world
and it is only accessible by IPv6.

Once again, this is largely of significance to the R&E networking
community and of far less interest to commercial Internet operators.
This sort of thing is the reason that Abilene (Internet2) and ESnet are
both IPv6 capable and have been for a long time.

This is probably not a significant issue for most of you, but, as time
passes, more and more content will start to be V6 only, especially if
located in Asia and not having a business case to support access to the