okta probing

can someone explain what some child out there hopes to gain by
repeatedly failing to authenticate to okta in my accound name?
a couple of times a day, i have to take 40 seconds to unlock the
account the kiddie has triggered. seems silly as they do not
have the 2fa.

it's -3c here, so i guess the clue level is going down as well
as the temp.


One username I use is very similar to a common name in another language. I deal with an amazing amount of mistaken login/spam/account resets. I am considering just changing my username as that would be easier. I am used to spear-phishing stuff but the honest mistake emails are super annoying. Several situations looked like people new to technology and just unsure of their email/phone/other.

I think this is a new form of dDOS and it is sometimes performed by Bots.

What they are achieving is annoying you. From your post, it appears to be working.

It’s also possible (depending on the account name) that it’s a mistype.