Okay, I'm just going to _assume_...

...that there's some operational content somewhere in here:


...though I'm on kind of a slow link, so I'm still looking. My eternal
thanks to Suresh for finding this. My day is complete.


It's official - pigs are aloft, the forecast for Hell is freezing rain,
the Sox have nearly broken the Curse (and will... :), and Cisco has taken
over Looney Tunes. The end is near.

No, no operational content... Did John Chambers have an aneurysm

One word of advice... Don't skip the intro. "I'm a hacker and I steal data
from the Internet". I love the parachutes (it somewhat reminds me of a
Woody Allen movie, but that's another story).

I want a QoS rocket!!!!


I want the MP3 of the theme song to the game! :wink:



I wanna know why Peter Packet doesn't have a Swedish accent!



What's a "villian"? And why does everyone have such incredibly white teeth?

> http://www.cisco.com/edu/peterpacket/
What's a "villian"? And why does everyone have such incredibly white teeth?

  its a synthetic flavour - real vanilla is prefered every time.


Call me nuts...but i don't seem to recall any "packets" on MY network
providing clean drinking water to Haiti...or stopping the spread of AIDS
in zimbabwe.

Am I using the wrong version of tcp/ip or something?!?!? ;o) (kidding)

Perhaps Cisco has lost track of what "data transit" really CAN accomplish.
Too much marketing fluff...guess it r-e-a-l-l-y went to their heads.

Hopefully my poking fun is taken in good stride.


ok, sorry for the double post...but LMFAO!!!!
The router is broken and he KICKS IT to get it up again!!!!!!


Gotta love the blatent Ad when the Cisco Router saves the day.

"Learning tool" indeed. I learned more about Geography and world
issues in Africa than network operations.

We see it all the time...

It's call "percussive maintenance" !!!

It's actually Step 4 in TAC's escalation procedures! (smirk)


> :...that there's some operational content somewhere in here:
> :
> :http://www.cisco.com/edu/peterpacket/

Another fine candidate for the Prelinger Archives.

Cisco has Peter Packet, the Bell System had Tommy Telephone.

Or for the all purpose industrial film, Your Name Here

Do any of these "training" materials have any impact?

Apparently not.


  Most users also had little awareness of "adware" programs that deliver
  pop-up ads based on the Web sites visited. Most infected with adware did
  not know they had such programs on their computers and did not know how
  to get rid of them.

  "I was surprised at the difference between perception and reality in
  some cases," said Ken Watson, a Cisco Systems Inc. executive who chairs
  the National Cyber Security Alliance, a partnership between high-tech
  businesses and the U.S. government.

I dunno, I can't take a survey of 347 users as anything approaching an accurate survey. That's less than .0000001% of the population of America. Yep, in-depth survey :slight_smile:

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