[ok] Re: WMF patch

I understand the frustration Valdis has with the Microsoft situation.
I've done my share of patching and updating and crawling under
desks and wrestling with Exchange Server and all the rest,
and fortunately (for my sanity) I'm not managing a few dozen
M$ desktops anymore.

My observation had more to do with the posturing of the "security"
vendors (anti-virus, firewall, IDS, etc.) and the broad range of
highly important experts who are all clamoring for attention on
this and on all the other everyday security issues out there.
There is certainly a need for security services and products and
activities, but I am just not enamored of the "security mindset."
This is just a part of what our job is so let's get on with it.

And if we can convince the PHBs that moving off of Windows is
(1) feasible, which is obvious; (2) manageable for them, which is
not so clear, so much the better. I've broken my hammer pounding
this particular nail, so having failed at moving management away
from Windows, I moved myself away from management.


You do of course realize that there is entire industry and quite a
number of vendors whose main products involve fixing bugs, closing
holes and providing timely updates for that insecure and buggy OS.
If the OS was not like that, the industry would be much smaller as
would the job area that involve security and other associates OS
maintanance actiity. Notice also that most managers do come from
the MS world and they see this all as quite normal after many years.