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I'm hoping someone out there has had some experience with Oi Telecommunications. We've been struggling to work with them to get a couple of circuits in Sao Paulo live. The primary problem is mostly a language barrier. Is anyone aware of an English speaking NOC email address or phone number for Oi? After months of back and forth through a third party translator working with our account team, I've reached my limit and am hoping there's another option to get some technical assistance with the BGP configuration of these two circuits. Any advice will be appreciated.


Hi Brian... I am not from oi( asn 7738), i am a customer from oi... But, can i try to help you?!
I don't have any dificult with oi( estabilish bgp peer, route filters, ipv6 peering with 7738 etc).
what you want?
Could you help?!
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I´m not an AS7738 customer neither a member, but perhaps I can get
some information/help from a friend who works there. What kind of
information/assistance are you looking for?

FYI, most of folks whose aren´t AS7738 customer, experience bad/long
time to get technical assistance or response; it´s not just you :slight_smile:
Humberto Galiza

I have been contacted by a couple of engineers inside of Oi or its subsidiaries. I'm pursuing those options at the moment, but sincerely appreciate your offer of assistance. I'm not sure whether I'm glad to hear that it's not just me or whether I find that to be even more discouraging. :slight_smile:


Try LACNOG or GTER (aka Brazilian NOG group) emailing list.

May be somebody there could help.



Please could you write me privately. May be I can help you.

Let me know what are you trying to do.