Oh the shame of being lame!

Hi, NANOGers.

Are your DNS zones coming up lame? Why not check the DNS lamer
report as you sip your Monday morning coffee? There are 19621
entries in the lamer report for the week ending 24 AUG 2003.
These entries are often indicators of greater problems with
name server configurations.


We update this report each week, Sunday evening US CT.

On a related note: We want your data! Please consider donating
to Team Cymru the lame delegation log entries from your name
server logs. We are happy to credit you and your employer, or
keep the source anonymous, as you prefer. Such donations help
the community at large. Be the first in your ASN to donate
data! :slight_smile: If you are interested in donating data, please
contact us at team-cymru at cymru.com.

Rob, for Team Cymru.