Office 365 Calendar support for macOS Calendar App

Hi all.

It may just be me, or it may not, but figured I’d ask… it seems like Microsoft’s 365 cloud service does not support the native Calendar app on macOS.

Oddly, it works without issue for the native Calendar app in iOS.

A bit of Googl’ing and speaking with some 365 customer admins. suggests that “Microsoft do not support Apple products in 365”, which sounds most odd to me, as I know a number of Microsoft apps do run on macOS and iOS.

Am I off the mark, are others seeing the same, is this a known issue, is it a non-issue?


Hi Mark,

I’m using macOS native calendar app with office365, I just setup as exchange in the add account dialogue.

It used to get stuck and refuse to update previous to 13.2, just disabling calendar in the account and then reenabling seemed to fix it, but did take a while, not seen that since recently,

I’m on 13.4 now.

I only fire up outlook to adjust filters on e-mail.


Same here. Added the account as Exchange within the Internet Accounts section of System Settings. No issues that I’ve seen and I use the Calendar app pretty regularly within MacOS, iOS, and the website.