Off-Topic: Seeking sponsor for infrastructure related site.

First of all i want to apologize for the off topic nature of this post.

I am seeking sponsorship for one of my hobby project. My needs is one or two dedicated servers on a stable network in USA and or Europe. is one of my hobby projects that has outgrown my own means of hosting as i am on 75% sick leave from my ordinary job.
DNSDigger is a database of domain and hostnames that is resolved into IP-adresses and can show what domains a IP-adress (or IP-span) has "behind".
The data is collected by downloading com/net-zone from Verisign and http spidering. Then "simply" resolving all the hundreds of millions of hostnames and make it search able. This sounds like a bandwidth hog but i actually run all this from a home private cable connection (dont tell anyone :wink: and i have had no troubles except for outgrowing my Pentium D "server".

If you find this service fun and valuable and have the means of providing an high end dedicated server plus hosting i would love to hear from you.
An "powered by <your company>"-link/button and information page will be offered.

/John Stromstedt (