off-topic (Re: how to protect name servers against cache corruption )

if you want to know how to configure your router, hit "D" now.

> > Noone in the security field has any right to expect any implementation of
> > DNS to be secure until DNSSEC is widely implemented.

this statement bothers me. certainly without DNSSEC there can be no
*assurances* of security, but there is a gaping chasm between the current
system and DNSSEC that could be closed significantly with proper design.

please explain further. perhaps i've been in this trench too long, i'm
just not getting what you mean. (how do i configure my router for that?)

simply stating that until DNSSEC arrives these attacks are going to be
allowed is a copout.

better yet, send diffs. perhaps the bind-workers group are all idiots and
this could actually be done better if we'd just rewrite it all in C++. jim
fleming keeps saying that that's the problem. perhaps you and he could work
together on a robust replacement for BIND.

Is not knowing how to configure your router for a given issue an
operational problem?


Speaking of router config questions, ...

{waiting on permission from moderator to ask a router config question}

well, the router comment wasn't mine so i don't think it really needs

as for the childish attempt to imply that somehow the statement of a
problem is tantamount to insanity, well...i guess i thought you could do

there *is* a problem with query ID spoofing, as you have known for years,
*but* there is a way to significantly harden a nameserver against this
sort of attack *without* going against RFC and without rewriting it in
C++ with the help of Jim Phlegming.

i did not come up with the algorithm to win the spoof race, so i will
leave that in the capable hands of tom ptacek.


ps - perry, you can get off your knees now.