% of good routes in RADB


You write:

IRRs are a good thing in general. Even the ISPs who have not discovered
the wonder of the RIPE-81+++ syntax have their own, albeit an ASCII text
file. A general agreement on RIPE-81+++ (or some other, but there ain't
none) syntax and semantics makes it generally understandable and useful
to a wide community.

Given that, where does one publish one's policies? As/if regional IXs,
multi-homing, etc. continue to increase, desire for neutral, non-vendor
IRRs may also increase. Unless RIPE wishes to be inundated by non-paying
requests from this side of the pond, Asia, ..., that means the RADB
(until the CIA starts charging $100/object/year:-). This and our tax
dollars over time will make the RADB cleaner and more useful.

It's not like Elise polluted it (well, maybe Bill did:-). That is all
*our* old PRDB gnurr. If we did not care enough to clean it up in those
days, and we don't look in there now and clean up our pieces, who are we
to complain? Ever read "Grazing of the Commons"?