OEMs for X2 10G LAN PHY optics


I am searching for opinions on OEMs of X2 form factor 10G LAN PHY
optics. We've found that most router/switch vendors mark these
particular items up significantly just to provide their own
sticker/EEPROM ID. As such, we'd prefer if we can to procure from the
OEM (or their reseller). Is this a situation where any company who's
a signatory to the MSA produces suitable modules, or are there
particular OEMs to prefer (or avoid)?

If it matters, the prime platform we're looking to plug optics into is
the WS-X6708-10G module for a 6500/7600.

Thanks in advance


I'd suggest looking at FluxLight (www.fluxlightinc.com) for this.
Their sales and support process is nothing short of stellar, and
pricing is a fair medium between "paying too much for vendor optics"
and "fly-by-night eBay imports".

To wit, all of their products Just Worked without ever needing Cisco's
infamous 'service unsupported-transceiver' vendor lock override.


I second Adam's recommendation. Fluxlight has always been awesome to deal with.


We have been very happy with Champion and NHR for such equipment:


Stellar pricing and support.


Chad D Burnham
Telecommunications Network Planner
University Technology Services - Network Services
University of Denver
2100 S. High St. #112
Denver, CO 80210 USA
Desk Phone: 303-871-4441
Mobile Phone: 303-520-5657
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Try http://www.advantageoptics.com/.



I would like to second the vote for NHR(Network Hardware). I have purchased from Joe Zender there for years and the support, price, warranty, and quality has been outstanding. I placed his contact info below, because it is truly a rare thing when I can say he is a great sales person.


Joe Zender
Network Hardware Resale
Phone: 805-690-3723
Fax: 805-690-1835
AIM - zenderNHR
Yahoo! - nhr_joezender

Yeah, just don't ask a certain female sales person there for more than a
few quotes without buying...

I was utterly embarrassed while dealing with NHR - never been told off
by a commissioned sales person before. Requested a series of quotes on
a Cisco GSR and made it very clear we already had a preferred supplier,
but that I would give NHR a chance in the quotes. Their pricing was off
a bit and the job went to a competitor - she freaked out on me. I have
never dealt with them since. It was the most immature dealing with a
company I have ever encountered, and this goes back several years now -
and I'm still pissed.

When I took this to their management team I was promised a phone call
from their CEO and never got it. Since I talked to a senior management
person and asked to removed from their internal lists - had *many* of
their sales people continue to call and pester me. They finally got
that part right and have not heard from anyone since (nor do I EVER wish