Odd policy question.

> > Don't forget:
> > www IN CNAME goatse.cx
> and don't forget the terminating dot on goatse.cx.
> but this did cause me to update those trapper zone files and
> bump the serials. last time the serials had been bumped since
> 1995. so you had the suggestion of a decade. mahalo.

Ouch. So you are going to punish the rest of the world for the mistakes
of a few people (however annoying it is).

/me just cannot imagine explaining this to my mother when she mis-types
some URL.

I'm not sure you realize how big this problem is. It's a nuisance
problem, like having cockroaches.

I heard something nasty about goatse.cx, but I checked www and I got:

The registrar name servers have not been configured properly

..and nothing bad. I do think it's better to put up the page
locally though.

Granted that what your (former-) customers did was not any sort of best
practice, but I think your "solution" is a little too extreme.

Wow. I wish I was seeing what you are seeing. Is it good?


Well my post was really in jest. goatse.cx hasn't existed for years. If
you really want to know what was there (and you really don't) just do a
quick search for goatse. I'm sure there is a Wikipedia entry for it.

However, the point of my post that it really is a dumb idea for someone to
point their domain at your domain name servers if they aren't a customer.
You really do gain much control over the domain in such a situation.