Oct. NANOG - hotel? At the two month marker now.

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

> ok so seems theres 3 nearby options or you have to look further afield.
> the hyatt, with rooms at around $319/night
> the marriott, 3 blocks away rooms at $70(weekend) & $190 (week)/night
> the sheraton, 5 blocks away at $183/night

You missed one option.
The Hyatt Reston with the NANOG room rate. Since it hasn't yet been
posted (promised for the end of the day today) we don't know what
that one is. But we do know that it's coming...

Or finding a hotel slightly farther away, but enough cheaper to be
worth cab fare...

RS is right, however... Reston is Hell, but with better visuals.

ps: Is anyone else getting tired of the autoresponder from Brad:

  Thank you for attempting to contact me. Due to spammers
  I have created a new mailbox for myself.

  Please foward all correspondence to brad@nefmls.net

You'd think network admins would know enough to NOT put dumb
autoresponders on mailing lists; but time and again..