OC3 to Gig-E conversion

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> Is there something out there (other than a router) that will convert
> from OC3c to Gig-E? Feel free to answer offline, don't want to fill
> everyone's inbox at once :slight_smile:

If you are looking for something that will actually convert native
ethernet frames to native sonet frames, you are pretty much SOL.

If you have an OC3 circuit and just want to see GigE on both
sides, use two RIC-155GE boxes - one on each side.


"The RIC-155GE is an intelligent converter enabling simple, efficient and
cost-effective bridging of Gigabit Ethernet over STM-1/OC-3 lines."

I have no idea how well this works or what the costs are ..


Well, except that it actually does nothing of the sort. This is just
another ethernet over sonet box, it takes the whole ethernet frame and
slaps it inside a sonet frame for transport over a sonet network.

If you want to transport ethernet services over sonet, for example to
bridge two network networks via a traditional telco circuit, this is a
reasonable way to do it. However, this is in no way a "converter", since
it requires a matching box (or something with similar functionality) on
the other end to pop off the sonet frame and hand off the original
ethernet frame to the client side interface.