OC3 to DS3 mux ?

Can someone recommend a vendor for an OC3 to DS3 DACS or mux? I need a small
one with capacity for a single OC3.



This question seems to come up fairly often on the nanog list, you'll
probably find some answers in the archives.

But anyway, you'll probably find that picking up a pair of 2nd hand Cisco
ONS 15454 nodes is the cheapest way to do this. Let me know if you need some
help defining the cards you'll require.


If you plan to run standalone, the Nortel OPTera Metro 3300 has a number of advantages over others. For OC12 capacity later down the road, you can get the 3400 chassis and populate it with OC3 and your choice of interfaces. These nodes were rebranded recently, some may know them as the OC3 and OC12 Express series. Mail me off-list if you need more details.