OC3 Router

I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction.

I'm looking for a cisco border router as a backup for our existing.

We have a 7206VXR with NPE400. The only thing we have in the router is a OC3c POS card on one side and a multimode Gig-Ethernet on the other. We are not doing BGP with this router (upstream is annoucing for us). Is there a vendor who can tell us the minimum we need to do this for emergency situations, or someone on the list who can recommend a cisco solution that can meet these requirments?

-Chris Strandt
Liquid Web Inc.

I know this is not relevant, but the humour is perfectly apropos as a

This was the best "manager" call the support line of the day story:

<abridged for clarity>

"We need an OC-192".

"My god, why?"

"We need to be able to support at least 192 simultaneous users to our

"Uh Huh..... well......



Chris Strandt wrote: