O/T: Nanog Friday night useless chatter was:RE: Specialty Technical Publishers

Mike Lewinski wrote:
In any event, after doing some googling and finding other
victims of this company, I've decided to register
SpecialtyTechnicalPublishersSucks.com in order to publicly
document their abuses.

As being someone that occasionally does the same kind of thing (and
considers the few dollars spent entertainment, not investment), don't
lose sleep over it.

Although I do expect some people to visit georgebushsucks.com and
johnkerrysucks.com, only in your wildest dreams anybody but search bots
is ever going to visit SpecialtyTechnicalPublishersSucks.com (or
goldengatevwsucks.com or haywardvwsucks.com) out of the blue.

You will indeed get some non-bots hits on the site but they will all
come from search engines or cross-links and none from people typing
SpecialtyTechnicalPublishersSucks.com in their browser out of the blue.
You would get the same number of hits on

Sooner or later someone will have the time and resources to
fight them all the way- perhaps I can lend some ammo.

IMHO this someone is the BBB (I do use it to qualify customers).
Unrelated and even more off-topic, www.resellerratings.com has worked
good for me too.

Owen DeLong wrote:
Ah... But, the problem here is you registered "goldengatevw.com"
and "haywardvw.com". They'd have a much harder time fending off
an en pro per motion for summary dismissal if you had registered
domains like "godengatevwsucks.com" and "haywardvwsucks.com".

Agree with Owen; this was not the wisest move (and I have done a number
of dumb things myself).