NYT: Internet attack called broad and long lasting


  The crucial element in the password thefts that provided access
  at Cisco and elsewhere was the intruder's use of a corrupted
  version of a standard software program, SSH. The program is
  used in many computer research centers for a variety of tasks,
  ranging from administration of remote computers to data transfer
  over the Internet.

  The intruder probed computers for vulnerabilities that allowed
  the installation of the corrupted program, known as a Trojan
  horse, in place of the legitimate program.

Ouch. Makes me wonder how long before someone cracks the
ssh that you can order for T-Mobile Sidekicks like mine.
("Before"? "Already!" . . . whatever) It *is* handy in a pinch,
I last used it to check a server quickly while I was sitting in the
Rockpile (center field bleachers) at a Denver Rockies game last
month :slight_smile: It's some flavor of ssh2, guess I'll have to ask my
friend who works at Danger which one. The notion of
launching a DDOS from a cellphone is intriguing in a novelistic
sense and worrisome in a real.world sense.

-- Fred