NYT covers China cyberthreat

:: when all tools are available for windows os, you just have to compile them.
<sniped out the rest>

They are when you have a college full of programmers.

IMO, if we stick to the document and they are organized in military style, then a person who collect information, should focus only on that particular phase. That person is an operator, he or she should not be keep busy remembering long CLI commands. The scope is to deliver ASAP.

No matter how much I like CLI and to put my fingers into text mode, I have to admit that point and click in windows is an easier and faster method to achieve the task I did mention. As Warren mention, if you have 20 "brains" it's easy to put those people port a tool from *nix to other platform and have the other 500 operators run it in windows. It's just a matter of good sense and "business" effectiveness :slight_smile:

Maybe I misinterpret information, but this is how I see things.


They don't have 20 brains, they have a country full. I was in Beijing last year, it was eye opening to the see the state of affairs there.

::: They don't have 20 brains, they have a country full

It was just an example :slight_smile: to point out the scale of developers vs operators.